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Cover Gerry Mahesa feat. Anisa Rahma - Rindu Terobati [OFFICIAL]
Viewed 5,302,987 times and has 4:50 duration.
Cover Duet Kenangan Gerry & Tasya - ISYARAT CINTA
Viewed 3,562,439 times and has 5:26 duration.
Cover Anisa Rahma feat. Fendik Adella - IMPIAN KALBU [PREVIEW]
Viewed 18,205 times and has 2:47 duration.
Cover Tasya Rosmala - PAYUNG HITAM
Viewed 2,789,089 times and has 7:03 duration.
Cover Gerry Mahesa feat. Tasya Rosmala - Beda Usia [OFFICIAL]
Viewed 917,294 times and has 5:49 duration.
Cover Fira Azahra - TERLENA [PREVIEW]
Viewed 28,998 times and has 3:02 duration.
Cover Tasya Rosmala - DUA PILIHAN
Viewed 179,006 times and has 6:41 duration.
Cover Ratna Antika - Kemarin (OM. ADELLA)
Viewed 43,344 times and has 2:35 duration.
Cover Dermaga Cinta - Dermaga Cinta [OFFICIAL]
Viewed 12,640,814 times and has 6:49 duration.
Cover Gerry Mahesa & Dwi Ratna - Kasih Tak Sampai [OFFICIAL]
Viewed 298,575 times and has 7:51 duration.
Cover Om ADELLA - FULL ALBUM TERBARU | Koleksi Terbaru 2019
Viewed 139,140 times and has 1:10:33 duration.
Cover TasyaRosmala - Muskurane ft. Andy KDI
Viewed 114,822 times and has 5:54 duration.
Cover Gerry Mahesa - Hitam Duniamu Putihnya Cintaku [OFFICIAL]
Viewed 3,483,598 times and has 5:41 duration.
Cover Yunita Ababiel - Maha Cinta [PREVIEW]
Viewed 9,766 times and has 2:54 duration.
Cover Tasya Rosmala - Indah Pada Waktunya [PREVIEW]
Viewed 265,707 times and has 2:50 duration.
Cover Nophi Kendang feat. Yuni Ayunda - Salam Rindu [OFFICIAL]
Viewed 460,922 times and has 4:43 duration.